A New Beginning

So, I decided to switch my blog over to blogspot, & looking back at the past posts I wrote, I made up my mind I wanted something new.

I wanted to get rid of all the immaturity that had ever happened to me in the past 21 years, and all these stuffs should be kept only to myself as memories. "Don't hang your dirty laundry in the public." My friends always told me that. No, it's not that we can't express our feelings in public and that we are hypocrites, we just find it very unnecessary sometimes. I have some friends who post their feelings online the moment they get angry, and 5 minutes later, they are lovey-dovey with their partners again. And this is repeated again and again. Not that we disapprove, but it's unnecessary you get it? I felt that every single time our emotions starts to misbehave themselves, we should take a moment to calm down before posting everything on social media and the internet, some of which annoys people and some becomes mistakes for life. Not going to go down deeper on this, but I know many of you are experiencing the same drama.

Here I am, posting on a entirely new platform and yes I designed the banner myself. Just wanted something soothing, classic and simple. And if you are asking is Vanessa my real english name, YES, and it's hidden for years I know, I'm starting to appreciate the meanings behind this name. So I build my blog around it, to remind myself how blessed and fortunate I am.

2014 is a life-changing year for me. Just passed my 21st birthday, will be blogging about it so I can post all the pretty photos up for everyone to see and also to provide all the information and contacts to organise a party that people kept asking me about. 

To be honest, the sudden thought of growing up is scaring me but I'm trying my best to get used to the fact that I'm an adult now. Loads of heavy burdens and responsibilities will be thrown at me, and that I'm accountable for every action I make. A lot of things to take in at once but I'm very thankful that I grew up well. 

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