Christmas in Bangkok: 399 Baht Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Buffet

The BEST Christmas Dinner I have ever been to in Bangkok is not the luxurious and classy rooftop restaurants but this authentic and local, Mangkorn BBQ Seafood Buffet that only cost me 399 Baht, eat-all-I-can for 90 mins, with free flow beer/drinks and ice cream! 

Love the lychee flavoured ice cream by the way. Had to break my diet regime to try it.

Went there earlier at about 5pm to avoid the crowd and the queue. Yes you will have to queue at around 6/7pm when the crowd starts to flood in. If you are bored of just travelling to tourist attractions and food places where you get mercilessly slashed by the prices there, try Mangkorn Seafood BBQ Buffet! Good price, good variety of seafood, just probably little warm because there is no air con, but very authentic and local! Worthed every penny. 

I chose to stay at Novotel Hotel in Siam Area because it's near the Siam BTS Skytrain Station. Super convenient for me to travel wherever I want to. I went to Mangkorn Seafood on my 1st night in Bangkok, as advised by friends in Bangkok, to take the train to Phra Ram 9 and take a 17 mins cab ride to the restaurant. 

Another way would be to Huai Khwang MRT station and take a 10 mins cab ride in. Try not to bring too many valuables with you because you will realise that the restaurant is actually quite outside of town. OR take train to Victory Monument and take a taxi from there. There are many alternatives.

The best mode of transport to this restaurant will still be by taxi. So get a taxi with meter. ALWAYS ASK THE UNCLE FOR METER, especially if you're going in the night. 

For 399 Baht you get countless variety of seafood, from crabs to prawns, from mussels to the entire fish, YES I MEAN THE ENTIRE FISH, not cut or etc. You get to choose the fish like the wet market in Singapore and BBQ it on the spot

The prawns here are just ridiculously big. You don't even need to do prawning just to get those kind of prawns, and you can effortlessly eat countless of prawns in that 1 hour 30 mins. When you reached the restaurant, you will be ushered in to your seats and they will bring the charcoals, the grill and everything for you. Be careful it's really hot. Another side note, your seafood gets CHAO-TAR (means bbq-ed) very easily. So make are you don't put everything on the grill.

I didn't lie about the fish. Look at that - for 399 Baht. You tell me worth it a not. 

Yes you have bamboo shoots too, and many different kinds of shells

Keep the aluminium foil after you BBQ the fish! It will come in handy when you are bbq-ing the other seafood, especially the ones with shells. This is what I learnt from the locals there. 

Squids & Sotongs the size of your feet - ALL AT 399 Baht

I will never look at seafood in Singapore the same way again. 

For 399 Baht, you get prawns that are larger than your hand. And they have crabs too! Although I kind of had a hard time trying to eat it but it was a good experience. It's not Sri Lanka Crabs, but good enough. So don't expect to cook Singapore's chilli crabs there. 

There are cooked food there too, like fried rice and spicy squids, not much of a variety but good enough to match your BBQ Seafood. You can mix and match your own sauces, or make your own salads as appetisers. 

They have different kind of meat too, some of them are super fattening and sinful. But they are seasoned so it was really good. Just for your cheat day.

In addition, don't take too much just because you're excited because if you can't finish your meal on time, they will actually charge 4 Baht for every minute after and 120 Baht for half an hour late. AND 100 Baht for food wastage. It's not a lot of money but still, take what you can eat.

Address: 1394 soi Prachasongkhro 21 Prachasongkhro road, Dindaeng, Bangkok
Phone: 6683-0966379
Opening Hours: 4pm - 4am 
Facebook Page:


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