Happy 2016

Happy New Year guys! 

Can't believe I'm actually posting this from my phone. But it's been awhile since I wrote a personal entry, aside from the food and travel photo spams. 

2015 was a year filled with a lot of challenges for me, many of which requires me to break out of my comfort zone. Experimented many different things for the past year, lost some wars but won some too. There were many disappointments, quarrels, conflicts, unhappiness, broken friendships but ultimately, the most important thing was that there was growth. 

The only regrets I had for 2015 was that I didn't work beyond my limits. I was so afraid of my goals because it seemed too faraway from me and every step I took I was in anxiety of not being able to make it there. So eventually the fear got the better of me and i didn't achieve what I set out to do. But I'm still grateful and blessed that I managed to achieve the smaller goals. They always say "When you aim for the sky, you fall on the clouds." 

Looking forward to a better year for 2016! I'm prepared to work my guts out to attain the goals that I've not accomplished for the past year and I'm set to outdo myself! Last but not least, I'm thankful for those that had stayed by me through the past years and the dramatic 2015, thankful for my forever supportive family and work mates, thankful for all the opportunities that came my way and thank you for Mr C, whom must be the angel that God sent to guide me through thick and thin. I'm blessed beyond words! 

Now that everything is reset, it's a new beginning! 
"Your life will consists of a series of times when you must reinvent yourself. We desperately cling to the idea that things should stay the same, but life & growth are about to change. Don't mistake the end of the chapter for the end of the story. Lean into the plot changes, and follow the character arc. If you're in the dark part of the tale, know that this night will not last forever, but you must be brave enough to see it through. This is not the end, oh no My Friend. Take courage. Better things await you." - John Mark Green 

Thank you to my clients too who have supported me since the start of my career, I'm stepping into the 2nd year as a financial advisor. Can't believe time passed so fast and this year I hope to be able to gain more knowledge, equip myself with better skills, deliver better results and serve my clients better! To more years to come - cheers to stronger partnerships, stronger relationships and more love. 

Happy 2016! x


  1. Happy new year, this year is great, i started dating women again after my divorce!i hope your new year will be awesome!

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